First, the Heart, then the Mind.

There is one basic principle that anyone needs to know when it comes to leading people and organizations in Indonesia (which from my limited experience of working in the region also relevant for Southeast Asia). That principle is: engage people's hearts first, then their minds. Most Indonesians perceive their work and profession as an integrated part of their life. It's in the nation's culture to abdicate yourself for a cause -- hence, either an Indonesian will give you their

Driving Value, with Values.

One of the most important learnings I had in my early career as an HR professional was on the importance of Values for any organization to orchestrate the acts of dozens or hundreds of their Leaders, which then move hundreds or thousands of workforce. What are these Values?. Values are the underlying principles of what really matters to the organization, hence it helps govern everyone's attitude and behavior at work. It's like a manifesto, code of ethics. When I joi