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My Story

Why People + Design Thinking matters?

Since I began my professional journey 15 years ago, I’ve been lucky to have had the opportunity to work as HR Business Partner with various Leaders - both as my mentor and my sparring-partner, as I sit in their Leadership Team (Board). I collaborated on exciting solo and collaborative projects that shows the true potential of People: that when there is enough design-thinking took place in the way we manage talent, organisation, capability and culture of a company, it made the difference. And leaders are all at the center of it: we researched, debate, decide, and single-mindedly drive things and making things happen. And I want to see such difference everywhere in Indonesia, one leader, one team, and one organisation at a time. I firmly believe that many Leaders out there would eventually face the situation I had, hence, these insights will be useful for both HR Leaders or Business Leaders in Indonesia to deal with 'the now' or 'the future' challenges that would come.


All experience and projects I shared here is my personal note, written without revealing its confidential nature, hence bear with me as I translate those realities into generals and abstracts. I welcome invitation to come and share all these insights in details through speaking appointments, if timing fit with empty slot in my schedule.