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Making a better Indonesia, one Leader, and one Team at a time.

Blogs of Simple-and-Practical Insights to Create a Better Workplace in Indonesia

My Story

Why Leaders and Team matters?

With more than a decade of experience, I learned that creating a great workplace (regardless the industry) is the key to create a better world. We spend more than 30% of our life at work; that is half of our waking hours. As a leader, both HR and a Business Head, what you do and decide impacts the life of your workforce: either they will come home happy and energized, or they will carry sorrow in their troubled mind and impact their loved ones at home: spouse, kids, friends, and parents.  There is only one mission for Leaders: to create a great workplace. And I hope this blog help you to do exactly that.

Great workplace, has two essential elements: great leaders, and well designed ways of managing talent, team, organisation, capability and culture of a company. I want to see great workplace everywhere in Indonesia: one leader, one team, and one organisation at a time. Throughout this blogs, I'm sharing relevant knowledge I have collected in this blog. This blog directed to any HR and/or Business Leaders in Indonesia who want to build high performing team, within Indonesian social and cultural context.  So do subscribe to get new posts if you find reading it useful, and share it forward to anyone who you would believe will get the benefit of these practical wisdom. 


Start your journey with couple of insights below.

Be a better HR Leader or a Business Leader,

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What I've Done: Experience behind the Insights

My Professional Credentials

July 2019 - Now

Vice President, People

at Tokopedia

Leading People function for Tokopedia to ensure that we have the right capacity, capability and culture in delivering our Purpose "to democratize commerce through technology in Indonesia and creating ecosystem where everyone can start and discover everything"

Mar 2016 - Jun 2019

HR Director, Commercial Functions and Head of Employer Brand at Unilever

Partnering with VP, Customer Development and VP, Finance for all-things-People. Responsible for the non-manufacturing side of the business, I lead my team and the business to deliver high performance oganisation through capacity, capability and culture building. In addition to that, also responsible to maintain company reputation as Employer of Choice in Indonesia.

Jan 2014 - Feb 2016

Head of Leadership and Organisation Development for Thailand and Indochina at Unilever

Leading strategic initiatives on Employer Branding & Talent Acquisition, Talent Management, Learning and Development, Organisation Design and Development, Performance Management, Employee Engagement and Culture Building covering four markets of Thailand, Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos.

Sept 2004 - Dec 2013

Various HR Leadership Post (cross-functions, regional, and country roles)

Started as Graduate trainee in Unilever HR, I was assigned to various functions: from Corporate Organisation Development to Industrial Relations stint. My first leadership HR role was as Factory HR, responsible for Cikarang site covering 6 factories of 3,000 employees. I was then assigned as Regional HR Business Partner, and many other stints before my Directorship and VP appointment. 


Two Pens on Notebook

All-Things-People Design

Be it organisation design, talent management, employer branding, and building sustainable employee engagement,   I have 15+ years of experience in leading HR functions for national, and regional scale operations. It helps me to enable Leaders to structure their approach in managing People in their team/organisation. I'm using very simple model of 3C in designing People ecosystem: capability, capacity, and culture.

"Either Indonesian talent will give you their 100% efforts for their work, or they don't. There is no middle-ground. It is not ingrained in Indonesian's 'frame of being' that a professional life is separated from a personal life"

- from blog post "First, the Heart, then the Mind"

Notepad on Desk


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